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Congrats guys on this deal. I totally agree. I think social is going to change retail and more importantly it will redefine what it means to shop in the new century. Excited to see what happens next.


Congratulations guys!


Congratulations, Anand and Venky! Woot!

Vikram Singh

Woohoo! Well done, Anand, Venky and team!

Meredith Han

Wow, very cool. Congrats to you and the team Anand!

Gaurav Bhalotia

Very cool. Big Congratulations !!

Vishal Agrawal

Congrats Anand. I hope with this acquisition, WalMart benefits in the same way as Amazon did with Junglee. Good luck.


Congratulations! Way to go!

Pablo Ibarrolaza

Congrats Anand.

I'm from Brazil's e-commerce at Walmart and I'm very happy with the news!


Congrats.Great news! you guys are rockin

Rajiv Prakash

Congrats Anand and team. Now look forward to social retail

Darpan Dinker


Congratulations. You seem to have the Midas touch. Awesome.

- Darpan Dinker
(took your Distributed database course at Stanford)

Account Deleted

it's been great so far. keep going!
and don't forget to integrate a/v connects, would still expect a lighter version though. im sure you have plans better than ebay.

- girish.

Greg Linden

Congratulations! Great news!


You seem to have the Midas touch. Awesome.


Wow, that was really a good news. Congratulations for having such a great accomplishment.


Congratulations for having such a great accomplishment.

L. Piccini

It is sad NOT HAVING KOSMIX as an alternative to google to find organized data for any particular topic... It really should not disappear due to the new targets of the underlying technology. One this has nothing to do with the other... Maybe Walmart should reconsider this shutdown and how this would affect its image in the web world...

Ariel Nieto

Congrats.Great news! Gretings from Argentina

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Woohoo! Well done, Anand, Venky and team!

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