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Mathew Butler

Finding the blog really interesting. Especially the "More Data beats better algorithm" posting.

Thought I would let you know.



have to agree with the previous commenter. i rank my rss feeds by page order on iGoogle, and a few weeks after this blog came out i moved it to page 1.

i'm only saying this because i find the twitter updates infinitely less interesting than the blog posts, and just want to make sure the posts continue at the same rate. i mean the twitter updates are marginally interesting, but so are random people's twitter updates for the same reason.

i did try posting notes to a sms service similar to twitter at a tech conference once. but for me, unless i get on my computer and write it all out immediately, after awhile i forget what was so interesting or what it was supposed to remind me of.

Anand Rajaraman

Mathew and Korey, thanks for the kind words about the blog. It's really motivating!

I don't see twitter as a substitute to blog posts. My attitude to this blog is, I'll post things where I have done some analysis, and not just stream of consciousness or links. That's because I feel a responsibility not to waste the time of people who subscribe to the feed. I'll keep my posting frequency at 1-2 posts/week, which I feel allows me to maintain the quality level.


Anand, any particuarl reason why you use twitter instead of something like FriendFeed?

Anand Rajaraman

Atul: I use Twitter because it allows me to post from my mobile phone. Most of my tweets are done using TwitterBerry on my Blackberry Pearl.

You can read my tweets on FriendFeed if you'd like: http://friendfeed.com/anandraj

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