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Mark Johnson

Full disclosure: I'm an employee of Powerset and a former employee and shareholder of Kosmix =)

More data could certainly change lots of things within Powerset. For example, imagine when we have Factz from all over the Web instead of just Wikipedia. Frequency, authority of the source, and all sorts of other factors can play into what Factz we display.

However, unlike traditional search methodologies, Powerset can achieve very high precision, since we're trying to match the meaning of your query to the meaning of a sentence in Wikipedia. Of course, a sentence stating what you're looking for needs to occur and that doesn't happen as much in a small corpus like Wikipedia as it would on the entire Web.

I do hope that you continue to use Powerset when you're searching Wikipedia. That's success for us, at least in the short term.

Jesse Farmer

To reappropriate Clinton: It's the product, stupid.

Powerset's enhanced Wikipedia just isn't that enhanced. Most of the time I get the right result right away on Google, but there are plenty of times when Powerset fails utterly (try, "Who was the tenth President of the US?"). Why would I switch in the scenario?

The product itself is lackluster. Coupled with the fact that Powerset has been billing itself as the "natural language search company" for the last two years and I'm left scratching my head.

Where's my revolutionary new search paradigm go?

tim wee

"More Data Usually Beats Better Algorithms." You're in good company there. Peter Norvig's presentation at startup school this year (2008) was pretty much about that.


Anand, did you check what has happened to your google query on new wine? A quantum effect, it seems.

Anand Rajaraman

Vinay: Great catch! Datawocky is now the first result for this query. This points to one of the weaknesses of pagerank: a reasonably high pagerank combined with an exact text match can beat out really relevant results.

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