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Flea Circus Director

Although there is no ecconomic cost here in the UK for me to recieve a text message, there is an opportunity cost, it will take time for me to read the messages, it will use my battery charge, it will need to be stored in my phones limited memory or it may cause me to miss an important message from someone else.

SMS publishing in the road to hell in my opinion, I'd have to invent an SMS spam filter for my phone. Please lets not make the same mistakes twice.

Anand Rajaraman

@Flea Circus Director:

I agree that unsolicited SMS is evil, even more insidious than unsolicited email. But there is a clear distinction in this case: MyToday requires opt-in (via an SMS to them indicating interest in a topic) and has an easy way to opt-out (via a stop SMS to them). The opt-in mechanism increases both the relevance of the service as well as makes it more valuable for advertising.


If users never send messages (since there is a cost), how will there be any response to ads?

Anand Rajaraman


The article is free, not the ad click. Ads are of 3 types: Click-to-SMS, Click-to-Call, and Click-to-URL. In all of these cases, clicking on an ad will result in charges for the subscriber. The fact that subscribers do click on ads, despite the cost, shows that they have some value.


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Paras Chopra

Did you look at smsgupshup.com?

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